adj., adv., n., & v.
—adj. (superl. of GOOD) of the most excellent or outstanding or desirable kind (my best work; the best solution; the best thing to do would be to confess).
—adv. (superl. of WELL(1)).
1 in the best manner (does it best).
2 to the greatest degree (like it best).
3 most usefully (is best ignored).
1 that which is best (the best is yet to come).
2 the chief merit or advantage (brings out the best in him).
3 (foll. by of) a winning majority of (a certain number of games etc. played) (the best of five).
4 = Sunday best.
— colloq. defeat, outwit, outbid, etc.
Phrases and idioms:
all the best an expression used to wish a person good fortune. as best one can (or may) as effectively as possible under the circumstances. at best on the most optimistic view. at one's best in peak condition etc. at the best of times even in the most favourable circumstances. be for (or all for) the best be desirable in the end. best end of neck the rib end of a neck of lamb etc. for cooking. best man the bridegroom's chief attendant at a wedding. the best part of most of. best seller
1 a book or other item that has sold in large numbers.
2 the author of such a book. do one's best do all one can. get the best of defeat, outwit. give a person the best admit the superiority of that person. had best would find it wisest to. make the best of derive what limited advantage one can from (something unsatisfactory or unwelcome); put up with. to the best of one's ability, knowledge , etc. as far as one can do, know, etc. with the best of them as well as anyone.
Etymology: OE betest (adj.), bet(o)st (adv.), f. Gmc

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